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posted by Chris - a year ago

Select Loop for Cinema 4D

This is a Python port of my old Select Loop plugin. This plugin allows you to select a loop of polygons without having to switch tools. This script has been confirmed to work with Cinema 4D R16 through R20.

To install just download the script from github and import it from the Cinema 4D Script Manager. From there you can invoke it directly and add it to toolbars, or you can go into the Command Manager and assign keyboard shortcuts.

Using it is very simple. Just select two neighboring polygons and invoke the command. You will be prompted to specify the number of polygons to skip. Leave it at 1 to select a solid loop, or enter a number to skip polygons. For example, entering the number 2 will select every other polygon, and a value of 3 will select every third.

The original plugin came with two commands, where Select Loop would just select a solid loop, and Select nth would prompt for a number. For those of you that prefer separate commands this can be done pretty easily. First, duplicate the script and name it something like Then remove (or comment) the following two lines of code near the bottom of the file.

nth = gui.InputDialog("Select every nth polygon:", "1")
nth = int(nth)

And finally replace this line select_poly_loop(op, nth) with select_poly_loop(op, 1) (just change the word nth to the number 1).

This will give you a command that will only select a solid loop with no input prompts.

Download the script from github here.

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