zBlur 2

posted by Chris - a year ago

zBlur for Cinema 4D

zBlur 2 is a post effect for Cinema 4D that creates a DOF effect with support for custom aperture shapes and highlight boosting (bokeh). zBlur 2 plays nice with other post effects, such as Glow, Highlights, or Cel Renderer. zBlur 2 also supports depth maps with reflections and transparency information.

These are some of the features available:

  • Easily render depth map.
  • Five blur types: Simple, Gaussian, Gaussian Inverse, Spline, and Lens.
  • Lens Blur can load custom aperture images.
  • New highlight boosting.
  • Supports it's own depth multipass channel.
  • Depth based desaturation and colorization.
  • New viewport display.
  • zBuffer preview window for instant feedback of zBuffer changes.
  • Alpha and Transparency calculated into the depth map supported.
  • Does not cancel out other post effects.

NOTE: To use zBlur2 with Team Render Distributed Rendering, you must render multipass and you must include the Post Effects multipass channel!

zBlur for R15 and higher is available for free below.