zBlur 2

posted by Chris - 3 years ago

zBlur for Cinema 4D

zBlur 2 is a post effect for Cinema 4D that creates a DOF effect with support for custom aperture shapes and highlight boosting (bokeh). zBlur 2 plays nice with other post effects, such as Glow, Highlights, or Cel Renderer. zBlur 2 also supports depth maps with reflections and transparency information.

These are some of the features available:

  • Easily render depth map.
  • Five blur types: Simple, Gaussian, Gaussian Inverse, Spline, and Lens.
  • Lens Blur can load custom aperture images.
  • New highlight boosting.
  • Supports it's own depth multipass channel.
  • Depth based desaturation and colorization.
  • New viewport display.
  • zBuffer preview window for instant feedback of zBuffer changes.
  • Alpha and Transparency calculated into the depth map supported.
  • Does not cancel out other post effects.

NOTE: To use zBlur2 with Team Render Distributed Rendering, you must render multipass and you must include the Post Effects multipass channel!

zBlur for R15 through R19 is available for free below. R20 is not supported.