SoftEdge raytraced mode

posted by Chris - 6 years ago

This is not related to cmNodes, but I thought I'd share something that I have been playing with. I'm experimenting with a new mode for my SoftEdge shader (part of my EdgeShade plugin) for Cinema 4D.

This new "raytraced" mode will allow you to soften edges on objects without requiring clean geometry and even soften edges between separate objects. For this render the shader was set to use 64 samples, and the antialiasing was set to Geometry.


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  • Craig Wall

    I'm familiar w/the basic idea from VRAY 1.8. This would be so utterly SWEET!

  • Aleksey Voznesenski

    Bought the plugin recently for the wireframe features, but realized that it had this awesome funcationaity =)

    looking forward to this update :D

    • Author


      i'm still working out some issues with sharp corners, but send me an email if you'd like to try out a beta.

  • Tom

    Hi Chris,

    any news about your development progress of this shader?

    Kind regards,

    • Author


      I did get the corners a little better but I haven't had much opportunity to work on it lately. I'll get what I have compiled and rolled out, so at least it's available for people to play with.

    • Author


      Ok, EdgeShade 1.04.012 for R14+ has been deployed and I've reset everyone's download links.

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