cmNodes 1.5.07

posted by Chris - 5 years ago

cmNodes v1.5.07 is available for download

cmNodes requires Cinema 4D R14 or higher on Windows or OS X.

I am currently working on support for Vray shaders, but I did not want to delay this release much longer.

The readme.pdf included with the download contains updated documentation.

  • Bug Fix - Postage stamps calculated in correct color space
  • Bug Fix - Copying and pasting nodes between documents
  • Improvement - Improved postage stamps
  • Improvement - Mask port hidden unless Mask option is enabled
  • Improvement - Re-categorized node menu
  • Improvement - Improved cmNodeEditor menus
  • Improvement - Added sRGB to Colorspace node
  • New Feature - Port labels on node
  • New Feature - Note icon on node to indicate notes and display notes on click
  • New Feature - Vray Advanced Material node
  • New Feature - Alt+MMB to pan
  • New Feature - Alt+RMB to scale
  • New Feature - Drag new wires directly from output port
  • New Feature - Tree Manager - load, save, copy, paste, delete, and rename trees
  • New Feature - Drag wire from anywhere on wire
  • New Feature - Context menu for wire's mid dot
  • New Feature - Postage stamp option - Small, Medium, or Large
  • New Feature - Tiler node
  • New Feature - Reflection node
  • New Feature - NoOp node
  • New Feature - Diffuse node
  • New Feature - Shadow node
  • New Feature - Fresnel node
  • New Feature - Distance node
  • New Feature - Use Bump option on Info node
  • New Feature - Tree bookmarks
  • New Feature - Condition node
  • New Feature - Projection node


Download here

43 Comments for “cmNodes 1.5.07”

  • peter

    Plugin has greatly improved. is now more fluid in navigation. One suggestion though is to preview on each link in the tree manager sort of the end result color of what the tree computed. Yes very importantly the sss node to actually work inside of cmnodes editor
    because right now it shows up but does definitely not working with layer shader node(this in maxon supports images only) , fusion node or blend node. Could try to expose input parameters for nodes that have input parameters eg the layer shader does support input of textures but however you could inports ike you did for the switch node. Again please sss node try to make it functional.

    Otherwise nice plugin very valuble definately.

    • Author


      Thanks Peter.

      I had thought about tree previews, but the problem with using the result color is that each tree can have any number of output or material nodes. Maybe I could do a small preview of the node graph though.

      I'll do what I can about the SSS shader, although that's going to have to wait until after I'm done with Vray shaders.

      Also I do want to make a better texture node that will map any shader inputs to ports, but that's after Vray shaders as well.

    • Author


      I've posted some new info on getting SSS to work with cmNodes here.

  • denis

    Thank you for this.

  • Nucleus

    Thank you.
    I appreciate your work and thank you for all your effort to improve this plug-in.

  • Carteblanchefx

    Thousand and one thanks! Awesome Update!
    I will make a few tutorials. Will be just fine if in the future will create a node for drawing masks!

    • peter

      actually it is possible to create a vertex map with the vertex map shader. just so you know.

  • peter

    a cavities and dirt shader node would be a great addition. this plugin makes material control easy and well layed out. must commend cmstuff this hreat endeavour.

  • Josef Bsharah

    Great update , the Vray support is very much welcome :)

    • Florian

      the open window function for textures would be great to get a bigger preview. very nice work, great plugin!!

  • Tong

    great work

  • cglism

    request some idea add button for read alembic file form disk, .Ass form arnold, .vrmesh , realflow bin import, bgeo form houdini import , and quick on off for show mesh look like lookdev tool Same Foundry Katana it Design for control large scenes text base and node style not load everything every file read form disk manage memory . C4D is better for relighting suite because support more renderer. Vue include ,Vray, Cine man for feature films renderman with Prman,Sitex Air,3Delight Particle render with krakatoa; next time arnold render support,octane render for gpu ,toon shade is better, fluid render TFD or Pyro , The power is bodypaint and projectionMan for Matte paint include, c4d sculpt for add details
    cmNodes grow up to look dev rendering tools cheers... nice plugins design

  • Regnas

    Thanks for this great plugin. :)

    And... any plans of implement the zoom and pan buttons, like in the viewport/xpresso?


    • Regnas

    • Author


      I hadn't considered that before. I imagine those buttons could be useful when working with a tablet. I'll add that to my list.

    • Regnas

      Thanks.... I'm looking forward to it.

      Cheers... and a happy new coding year. :)

  • jetset

    How about Otoy's Octane support?

    • peter

      actually octane has its own node system judging from the videos on youtube.

    • Author


      I have an old Octane license around somewhere... but I'm not going to work on any other renderers until Vray is squared away.

  • Lasha Brodzeli

    thanks, awesome plugin

  • Helmut Abel

    Thank you for your PlugIn and time to make it. I will try it after download

  • Josef Bsharah

    the plugin works great ,, right now , it seems that creating a vray shader nodes crashes Cinema 4D

    other than that , qiute happy with the Vray Mat node

    • VrayEngineStudio

      Perhaps the author will improve this error.

    • Author


      Yup, I am currently working on support for Vray shaders.

  • Simon

    Hey Chris,

    How about extending the layer shader? It would be cool if there was a layer node with several input ports for the layers and blendmodes for wach layer. Like a blend node with unlimited inputs and different blendmodes for each input.

    Thanks for your work!


    • Author


      Hi Simon. Currently there are no plans to recreate the layer shader, since stacking blend nodes would accomplish the same thing. However once I get Tree nodes built (think group or composite nodes), it should be fairly simple to set up a multi-blend node.

  • nick

    hey there I would like to say that you are making a great plugin right here.
    I am playing with it right now and really like it.
    Keep the updates coming and I really appreciate it!
    Good work

  • nick

    I came across a problem.
    If I use a noise as a normal map it doesn't work.
    If I use an image it is all good..
    Also perhaps cool if the connections could switch in order:D
    Other than that I love it, and can't wait for the vray version!

    • Author


      You are correct, if you pipe a Noise shader into the NormalMap node it will not work because by default the Noise outputs 3D noise. Try setting the Noise to use UV space, or you can use the Projector node after the Noise to force UV space. Then the NormalMap node should work.

  • florian

    hi. any news on the vray shaders?

    • Author


      Vray shader support is still in progress.

    • Florian

      sounds great. looking forward to this! :) you do a great job

  • Pedro Luis

    This is an interesting plugin, C4D users needs people like you.
    I thank you the effort you to do so free.

  • Ralph

    CanĀ“t wait to see also a Cinema 4D R13 Version. Maybe after you finish some minor steps... :)

  • Shariq Mushir


    First off, I'd like to thank you for creating such an amazing plugin. Secondly, is there a way to move nodes from one tree to another without breaking connections with C4D base materials? Currently if I try to do that using the CUT/PASTE model it doesn't work and I have to reconnect all texture nodes.

    Thank you once again.

    • Author


      Currently when you paste a material node (whether it's from a cut or a copy) a new Cinema 4D material will be created if New Material for Material Node is turned on in the preferences. When cutting it would make sense to maintain the original material link. I will create an issue for that.

      For now the easiest fix would be to drag your existing Cinema 4D material into the Material field of the Material node to re-link it.

    • Shariq Mushir

      Thanks buddy. Will give it a try.

    • Shariq Mushir

      I tried the way you told me to. It doesn't work. Simply Cutting and Pasting a network of nodes disconnects all nodes within the same tree or any other. Also inserting the Cinema 4D Material into the Node/Material section of cmNodes Material doesn't insert all channels. You still need to do it manually by going into each channel (cmNodeShader) individually. For a lot of materials this can be confusing and prohibitive.

    • Shariq Mushir

      I have found a temporary solution thou. I export the materials I need to duplicate or move into a separate file and rename my Tree and the Material network and then re-import this into my original file. It works but it would be better if we could do it directly within the same file.

  • Max

    WOW !!!! great !! you are fantastic... i'm gonna try this as fast as i can !!
    n.1 !!

  • Irakli

    This is Too Good! so many tools to play with. Thanks a LOT!!!

  • Honza

    Thanks for this pluin !

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