cmNodes v1.1.38 is available

posted by Chris - 6 years ago

Changes in 1.1.38

  • Improvement - Improved render speed
  • Improvement - Better material and node previews
  • Improvement - Node group parameters moved to Basic group
  • Improvement - Better Postage Stamp and Viewport update triggering
  • Improvement - Curves node defaulting to bezier handles
  • New Feature - Info node (facing ratio, camera distance, object color, and normals)
  • New Feature - Invert node
  • New Feature - Colorize node
  • New Feature - HighPass node
  • New Feature - Check for Updates command
  • New Feature - Option to create nodes at mouse position
  • New Feature - Plugin commands for each node
  • New Feature - Simple and Gaussian modes added to Blur node
  • New Feature - Grain Extract and Grain Merge blend modes added

Please let me know if there are any problems with this build.

Download here

2 Comments for “cmNodes v1.1.38 is available”

  • stereoV

    Hey Chris,
    just tested 1.1.38 ! I got a great speed improvement now ;)))
    That works real fine - thankĀ“s so much for your support !



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